We offer a variety of services to meet every client's need. If you are curious about an option not listed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us; we are flexible and strive to go above and beyond to ensure that clients are given everything they need to succeed and be happy.


We also offer summer camps and birthday parties. For more details and pricing, please call us today!







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1976 Stop 30 Road

Hendersonville, TN 37075  

Fox Creek Farm, LLC offers a full boarding package as well as a pasture boarding package. Full board includes daily feeding and hay, watering, daily turnout and stall cleaning, blanket service and fly spraying and access to our laundry room and kitchen. Stall board includes 24/7 turnout, watering, and daily hay as well as access to our laundry room and kitchen. All boarders will have a saddle rack and bridle hook in one of our two spacious tack rooms. If

your horse requires a supplement, we are happy to include it in the horse’s feed if you provide the supplement for us.

Full board - $575/month


Pasture board - $275/month


Fox Creek Farm offers a variety of options to suit your training needs. There are both half training and full training packages available.


Pro rides - $75 individually, $65 in a package


Half training (3 rides a week) - $475/month


Full training (5 rides a week) - $750/month


Fox Creek Farm, LLC attends many shows throughout the year all over the Southeast. Whether you want to show with us or have a horse that you would like to be shown, Fox Creek Farm would love to work with you. Please visit our show schedule page for more information!


At Fox Creek Farm, we offer one of the best lesson programs in the state of TN. Our trainer's experpertise is unparalleled and we are lucky to have her!


Whether you have your own horse or not, we invite you to come take lessons at our farm. We have a variety of horses and ponies suitable for all levels of riders in our lesson program if riders do not have their own mount.


Lessons are offered in different time lengths and may be purchased individually or in packages for a discounted price. In order to qualify for a package, the student must take a minimum of 4 lessons a month.


Half hour lessons - $45 individually, $35 in package


Hour lessons - $65 individually, $50 in a package


Fox Creek Farm generally has several horses and ponies available for sale or for lease. We also offer services to help you with the search for your next mount as well as to help you navigate through the sales and purchase process. Please see the For Sale section of our site for more information!


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